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Personal Fitness & Weight Loss from Houston, Texas

Whole Body Vibration Technology

Getting into shape doesn't have to take endless hours in the gym. Our whole-body vibration technology machine offers personal wellness and fitness results in a fraction of the time you'd spend in the fitness center.

Wellness & Fitness Packages

Perfect for people with busy schedules, our fitness machines and weight loss solutions truly produce results. With infrared saunas, computerized massage chairs, and ionized water for you to drink, you'll be able to relax while increasing your Personal Wellness. Package options are available to suit individual needs and your time schedules.


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About Us

Based in Houston, Texas, Fitness 'n Minutes™ offers a new approach to personal fitness, health, and weight loss using trusted methods and tested technology. With many years of researching the experiences of working out in the fitness industry, we are on the cutting edge when it comes to working out and maintaining a good level of personal health and fitness.

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